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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2012


Commercially, this seemingly 'ordinary' shot carries some good features. An editor can crop the image in many different ways, most of which provide clutter-free space for text. For the walking magazines, the walker is a must, the dog is a bonus, the gradient sign adds a splash of colour and emphasises the nature of the terrain. The North York Moors, a blaze of purple heather at this time of year, set the scene.

Commercial Opportunities

The matters of magazines, guides and routes opens some commercial opportunities. The outdoor magazines are always on the look out for words and pictures (the sum of the parts being vastly more valuable than just pictures or just words).


Shot while waiting for the incoming walkers, above the villlage of Orton, on the Westmorland Plateau looking down into the Vale of Eden. Kirby Stephen, close to the centre of the Coast to Coast is away to the left.

'Walking the walk' would allow you to cover the tops, but limit your time and equipment, support driving would give you the possibility to explore (and perhaps return later, fully armed!). There are no fabulously wealthy landscape photographers and you are unlikely to venture out on a gig like this one without a prior love of the fells and quite a lot of experience. However, you will come back with recharged batteries and hopefully quite a lot of material (we took more than 1,400 images without even trying, beware the 'death by PowerPoint' presentations this might lead to!). The 2011 Freelance Photographer's Market Handbook lists a modest number of 'outdoor' magazines The Great Outdoors probably being the best (and seemingly offering the highest fees).

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