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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2012


Pubs are some of the best rendezvous sites. Highly visible, known by the locals, toilets and warm rooms! Here the White Swan at Danby Wiske is the only pub in the village so it cannot be missed. They serve meals that are in tune with the needs of long-distance walkers and they don't mind a bit of mud.

The Gear Photographic

The C2C is photographically rich, you really do walk through some magnificent landscapes. It is also very strenuous with a total of 22,000 feet of climbing. If you wish to take pictures you need time to stand and stare and the 11-15 day schedules are rather too fast. The girls carried lightweight, compact digital cameras ( a Canon G9 and a Panasonic DMC-ZX3), leaving me to use a DSLR at the start and end points with an occasional walk along the track at the start or end of the day. This was less than ideal because most of the walks started low and finished low, with the lumpy bits in the middle.


If you wanted the wide vistas you had to walk the walk! An exception was the route through the North York Moors which is a sustained high level track (although it still goes up and down quite a bit) but you can get access from some of the roads that cut through the hills.

Choice of kit is thus very constrained, this is not a walk on which to pack your 70-210 f2.8 'just in case you need it'. A DSLR, a wide- to shorttelephoto zoom and a couple of filters are about all you can manage. A 30-litre sack is about right for a supported walker. If you are packing a full load, including food, stoves, sleeping stuff and a tent you are outside the scope of this article but you will have to struggle to get down to 25lbs and pay in pain for every ounce extra that you carry. For comparison, Colin Prior recently told us at a lecture that he packs more than 50lbs when out on a photographic 'mission' - such devotion to his craft explains why he is so good!

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