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Published 01/12/2014

"It's Dominic's dream to go into more commercial photography, shooting fashion campaigns. So this award is the first step of getting his name out there." Since Dominic is busy working on his fashion portfolio this year, I asked Zoe what she enjoyed shooting other than weddings. "Just weddings. I absolutely love weddings. I'm also really enjoying time with our toddler at the moment, it's great to be able to spend time with him because we run our own business and he's really a major part of where we will take our business in the future."

I asked Zoe what advice she had to give to aspiring wedding photographers who might like to take a similar journey to their own. "Get yourself a business mentor. It's really important to find people who you trust to look at your work and your business with a fresh set of eyes. Your family and friends will always tell you that they think you're wonderful but paying someone to look with open eyes and unclouded judgment is invaluable."

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'When we first started out as wedding photographers, Catherine Conner told us that getting to know everyone in your industry and expanding your network was crucial', and that's exactly what Zoe and Dominic did. 'I just call people like wedding planners up and ask them if they'd like to meet up, have a cup of tea and look at our portfolio.

These people are only human and although it was intimidating to make those calls at first, I'm not scared to hear the word 'no' anymore.'

It was a chance networking call like this that led to their fantastic relationship with Helen and Rise Hall and it has had results far beyond organising award-winning portfolio shoots. 'On the first Sunday of every month we go over to Rise Hall to meet with Helen and all the brides who are considering hiring the venue. It really does pay to cultivate relationships with local wedding planners and suppliers because now they find lots of our clients for us! Networking with wedding planners can also open the door to higher end clients, who are of course the kind we all would love to have more of.'

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