Zoe and Dominic Wright The Societies 2013 Fashion Photographer of the Year - part 2 of 1 2 3

Published 01/12/2014

But of course, the image that won wasn't even taken inside the beautiful country house! "We asked our florist if she could make us a swing and find us a gorgeous chandelier. Fortunately she agreed on the condition that we could make it look awesome in the pictures so that she could hire it out afterwards!" The shot wasn't without its challenges though for all involved. "It was so windy that day; it was almost luck that we even got that image at all. There was a team of us holding the chandelier in place with fishing wire to keep everything still for the camera!" Working with a team of other suppliers can produce outstanding results to add to your portfolio, especially if you keep working together and collaborating on new and exciting ventures. Winning awards such as the Fashion Photographer of the Year can also open doors to new collaborations. "Letting our suppliers know that we have won industry awards with images that included their products means that they are even more likely to lend us items in the future. If you can produce images that are in line with their brand then they will promote you too."

With a laugh Zoe recalls when their suit supplier for the shoot found out they had won the gold award for their image. "Suddenly we were all over the Facebook page for Reiss! We were sitting there in the glamour of our office, a converted bedroom in Yorkshire, not quite believing that a Bond Street store was mentioning us!

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